The importance of baby wearing

Carrying a baby in a baby carrier is probably the oldest way of carrying a child and commonplace in many parts and cultures of this world. The western world has been the exception rather than the rule in this aspect, but fortunately cloth baby carriers are used more and more in the Western world.

Many of the benefits of carrying your baby are detailed below:


Skin hunger

As research by Barr and Hunziker of Montreal University Children’s Hospital shows, babies who are carried in baby carriers are more peaceful and cry significantly less. Babies are in a comforting, settling environment. As they smell a known scent, feel the body heat and the movements of their parent, babies will feel safe and completely at ease. On top of this, the parent can respond quickly to the baby’s signs and needs.


Breastfeeding anywhere, anytime

The advantages of carrying your baby in a baby carrier and breastfeeding overlap: Both ways of life offer your baby the most natural foundation in life. With only a bit of practice, feeding your baby in a baby carrier can be done with the utmost of discretion and comfort. When you order a baby carrier the accompanying information contains instructions and photos on feeding your baby in his or her baby carrier. 
When you carry your baby in a baby carrier, you have your hands free while still maintaining physical contact with your baby. This allows you to freely do your daily duties or give attention to other children, so nobody will suffer! For sake of safety, please stay very conscious of your baby.

Development hip and back

The baby sits in the baby carrier in a very natural position, with a somewhat curved back and the hips spread. When in the foetal position, the baby will pull up his or her legs into a frog-like position. This not only helps to prevent hip problems such as hip-dysplasia, but can also be used for the treatment of these problems. Research has shown that babies that are carried in a baby carrier have less back- and spine diseases. It’s a common misconception that using a baby carrier would be bad for the parents back, but nothing is less true! The baby carrier will ensure a better posture and good development of the back-muscles.

 Emotional and social development at it’s best

In a baby carrier your baby will be a part of the family life at a very early age, in a very natural way. From the safety and comfort of the baby carrier the baby absorbs the multitude of stimuli that come to him or her from their surroundings (according to Evelin Kirkilionis, a German behavioural scientist). The baby will structure these stimuli, relate and react to them. According to this research, a good balance between safety and freedom will result in a better sense of safety and trust, which in turn will form the basis for a positive self-image and confidence.


Motor skills, balance and feeling

The most important stimuli are those that lead to a better sense of balance. The baby will be moved in all directions, while the parent keeps him balanced. Motor skills and the tactile sense also get a lot of room to develop well through all the movements and touch.

Cramps and reflux

Posture and movement ensure a better circulation and digestion, which reduces cramps. Babies that suffer from reflux often feel better when carried upright in a baby carrier.


Lifting your baby up, without using your hand

While you are carrying your baby in a wrap, you have your hands free. You have got your baby close to you, to enjoy the precious moments together. But stilll you get to crab stuff or do things. Or maybe there are more children to keep an eye on ;) Still always stay aware of the fact that you are carrying a little baby, and make sure that your love is safe. 


Baby carrier versus stroller

A baby carrier isn’t very big and can hence be easily transported, meaning no dragging around of big buggies, and no worries about managing to fit them in cars, hallways etc. It’s incredibly handy when you travel by public transport or bicycle, because you can always fit the baby carrier somewhere! a baby carrier is multi-functional and can also be used as blanket or plaid. On top of this, the baby carrier is relatively cheap and will grow along with your baby. You won’t have any frustrations in busy malls and streets, no stumbling over feet or other strollers. Instead, you’ll get a lot of “oohh” and “aahh” and melting looks, both towards the sweetly asleep baby as the relaxed and proud parent. and you still have hands free for your partner or other children. a combination of baby carrier and buggy can be very convenient when transporting two children, either of different ages or the same age, with one in the baby carrier and the other in the buggy.

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