Here you will find additional information about ByKay products. 

The benefits of a carrier, its use, or the washing instructions for the various fabrics for example. Also, you can download the instructions and watch instruction videos, so you know exactly how to use each carrier.

Importance of baby wearing

Why carry your baby? This will probably be a question you would like to have answered. Click on the icon below, to get an extensive explanation on the importance and the benefits of carrying your baby. 


Tips and instructions

How does it work? How do you use a baby carrier? We would like to give you more information, tips and instructions via the icon below. 



Would you like to know how a baby carrier can assist you when you breastfeed your baby? Click on the baby bottle and learn more about breastfeeding in a baby carrier. 

Materials and washing instructions

What materials are used for our products and what are the associated washing instructions? You can find the information here.


Carrier comparison

What are the benefits for each particular baby carrier? Click on the icon to see which carrier you can use best for which situation.

Choice assistance

Having a little trouble choosing? Through this icon we offer you a great help so you can see exactly which carrier suits you best.

Instructions videos

Click on the icon below to see all of our instruction videos.


All carriers/orders are accompanied with instruction booklets. If you want to view these booklets online or in case you have lost them, you can download them here.