Breastfeeding is possible while carrying your baby in your baby carrier. As your baby is close to you, you can react very well to your baby’s needs you will bond even more! Ensure you’re both comfortable with the baby carrier first.
Several layers of clothing can be practical if you want to breastfeed completely ‘invisible’ (such as a low cut camisole and a shirt on top). Loosen the baby carrier slightly so that your baby moves a bit lower. Lift up your shirt and push your bra (and camisole) down, move your breast to the side or up if necessary, with your nipple towards your baby’s mouth. This way, your bay can drink without anyone noticing.
Don’t be impatient, you will need a bit of experience and skill to get this right. If you’re not successful straight away, try again another time. Keys to success are patience, practice, trust and finding a method that works for you as a team.