When will I use the carrier?

• When you want to meet your baby’s needs, and your own
• When your baby is inconsolable
• When you do not have the space or financial means to buy a buggy
• When you go into town or somewhere where strollers are impractical
• When you want to have your hands free
• When your arms, neck and shoulders are getting sore and stiff from rocking your baby
• When you want your baby nice and close to you

Which carrier suits me? 

There are so many baby carriers and brands out there. Which one is the one that suits you best? We totally understand it can be hard to make a choice out of so many different possibilities. ByKay is the brand with a complete range of ergonomic baby carriers, which means we have wraps, ringslings, mei tais, SSCs and wraps and slings for water. In the image at the botton of this page you will find all the characteristics per carrier, a nice overview to compare one carrier to another. Also have a look at our extensive instructions and videos. Please note: all of our carriers are safe and ergonomic, no carrier is better than the other but it is all about personal preference and body type.


We offer both stretchy as well as woven wraps in our shops. Alle wraps can be used from birth. Stretchy wraps are very soft, snug and comfy. People say that the stretchy wraps give babies to feeling like they had when they were in the uturus. Woven wraps are very firm and sturdy and won't give. People tend to use these wraps for a longer period of time because of the firmness and are used a lot for backcarrying too. 

All ByKay wraps, available in several beautiful colors: 

  • Stretchy Wrap Classic (Essential); a stretchy wrap for babies weighing up to 10 kg (23 lbs). 
  • Stretchy Wrap Deluxe (Design); a stretchy wrap for babies weighing up to 18 kg (40 lbs). 
  • Woven Wrap Deluxe; a woven wrap for babies weighing up to 18 kg (40 lbs). 
  • AQUAcarrier; a stretchy wrap with fast drying fabric especially made for use in water, shower, pools etc. Suitable for weights op to 10 kg (23 lbs) 

Mei Tai (MT)

The Mei Tai is a baby carrier with a prepared carrier body, with two waistband straps and two shoulder straps. Can't really make a mistake in what to put where, which makes it an easy carrier to wrap. The Mei Tai has the benefits of a wrap, because of the wide shoulder strap to even up the weight, and the easiness of the SSC because of the prepared carrier body. It's a woven carrier which makes it very firm and supportive. Perfect for long walks but nice and comfy at home. 

  • MT Classic, available in size baby and toddler, from newborn up to 5 years old. 
  • MT Deluxe, one size fits all. With padded waistband and extra luxury, such as a set of padded shoulderstraps and sleeping hood for your baby.

Ringsling (RS)

A Ringsling is a baby carrier that is worn on one schoulder, on your belly, hip or back. Once you have adjusted the Ringsling to fit your body, it will be quick and easy to put on. Cause all there is left is for you to tighten the strap a little once your baby is in. This baby carrier is mostly used for a quick errand or short walks and periods of time. Or when your baby can't decide whether they want to be carried or just walk themselves. The Ringsling's middle name is: the must have for every parent! 

  • RS Classic; for babies weighing up to 18 kg (40 lbs). 
  • AQUAsling; the sling to carry your baby in water. Suitable for babies weighing up to 10 kg (23 lbs). 

Click Carriers aka Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)

The ByKay Click Carrier is a baby carrier with buckles, that is mostly used outside. Because of the woven fabric it is very firm and sturdy so perfect for long walks. But because of the buckles, this carrier allows you to just click and go! It is super fast and easy, which makes the SSC the right partner for the quick arrend. The carrier body is soft and supportive, which allows your baby to adopt the most natural and therefor ergonomic position possible. Most men love the SSC, just because they don't find the long straps of a wrap appealing. Click and go, it is that easy with the SSC!

  • SSC Classic; Quick and easy in several sizes. 
  • SSC Deluxe; a SSC with more padding and luxery. A padded deluxe waistband, free footstraps and extra wide padded shoulder straps.


Have a look at the image below. Every ByKay carrier with its sizes, weight limits, material is described. It's a clever overview to compare the carriers with one another.  

Ask ask ask!

Don’t leave your questions unanswered! Feel free to contact us at any time by email (sue@vibesalesandmarketing.com.au) or phone - 0411 131 658. Our experience is that a quick chat with some advice and tricks is enough to turn your situation into a success story.
We want you to have as much fun with your baby carrier as we do!
Carry Your Love!  All ways x